Has your swimming pool or spa seen better days? Is the surface just not as smooth as it used to be? Over time, the finish of your pool can start to wear down, exposing the sharp, scratchy sand beneath it. This could result in ripped bathing suits and painful scrapes if you don’t address the problem. But with pool re plastering from Ibiza Pool LLC in Davenport, FL, you can make swimming in your backyard pool fun again.



Worn-down plaster is an unfortunate part of long-term pool ownership. But it doesn’t take much to bring your swimming pool back to life. After re plastering, your pool’s surface will be smooth and easy to care for, and your family can start enjoying the backyard oasis you once had. Want to upgrade to a new finish? We can handle that too. Whatever your goals for your swimming pool, we’ve got you covered.

Get your pool ready for summer with pool re plastering from Ibiza Pool LLC. Call us today for more information or to request an estimate.


Pool Re-Plastering Process

  • All remodel pools will include shutting down the system and draining the pool” Cover removal can be done upon request for an additional charge. 

  • After the pool has been drained and the hydrostat plug removed, a saw-cut will be made under the tile line, unless new tile is being installed (old tile will be removed).

  • The existing pool surface is checked for hollow areas, and then waterblasted to remove the top surface (plaster or paint), and achieve a sound base surface to apply a bond coat to. 

  • All plaster debris will be cleaned up and hauled away.

  • All fittings, lights, rope anchors, and a band under existing tile is chipped out to allow for a smooth transition. (if new tile is desired, it would be installed prior to the bond coat application.)

  • The pool will then be acid washed and neutralized, and the bond coat is sprayed on to the surface as the final prep stage. Usually, the pool finish is applied within 48 hours of the bond coat.


Note: All waterblasting and Tile & Coping work is completed in house by members of an affiliate company. Sub-contractors will be used on occasion for some items of work.


Upon completion of the replastering process, our crew will start filling the pool before departing. Important points that the customer should be aware of:


  • There must be enough hose available to reach the deep end of the pool. The pool must be filled from deep to shallow.

  • Water must not be turned off until pool is completely full!

  • Do not allow anyone to enter the pool until it is completely full. This also includes pets, as mud will stain the fresh, uncured pool surface finish.

  • After the pool is filled, proceed with the “recommended start-up procedures” left by our plaster crew.











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